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The seeding rate of the seeder is stable, the seeding rate of each row is consistent, the seeds are evenly distributed in the seed furrow, the thickness of the soil covering on the seeds is basically the same, the seed breakage rate is low, the qualified rate of the number of holes is high, and the qualified rate of grain spacing is high. With good soil conditions, no-tillage operations can be achieved.

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The planter consists of a machine frame, a fertilizer box, a device for discharging seeds, a device for discharging fertilizer, a conduit for outputting seeds (fertilizer), a device for digging a trench, a device for covering soil, a walking wheel, a transmission device, a traction device, and a depth adjustment mechanism. The core of it is 1. Discharging seed implements; 2. Digging trenches.1. Discharging seed implements This corn planter is designed as an on- Point seeding-scoop wheel (teeth) planter.The working process of the spoon wheel (tooth) type seed metering device: the seeds move upward under the action of the seed holding space, and 1~2 seeds are left in the spoon shape gear; the excess seeds fall back to the full seed area under the action of gravity. Advantages: 1.1 Can sow a variety of crops; 1.2 8-speed shift; 1.3 High precision seeding. 2. digging trenchesThe mobile-shoe opener translates with the forward direction of the machine, and forms a certain angle between the tip of the shovel and the ground to enter the soil, and adopts a solid cast steel shoe angle. Advantages: 2.1 The alloy has high wear resistance and hardness; 2.2 It has strong ground-breaking ability; 2.3 The structure is simple and not easy to be damaged; 2.4 It has a compacting effect on the soil at the bottom of the trench, which promotes the rise of water in the soil, which is beneficial to the germination of seeds. 3. Fertilizer discharge deviceThis planter uses an external groove wheel type fertilizer discharger, which is suitable for discharging granular fertilizer with good looseness. Advantages: 3.1 The amount of fertilizer can be adjusted by adjusting the handle; 3.2 The fertilizer device is simple in structure and easy to replace; 3.3 The amount of fertilizer is uniform.The flat sowing pressure of the repression wheel is 196-392KPa, and the ridge sowing pressure is 196-496KPa. This is made of high quality rubber thickened steel plate. The pressure can be adjusted by rotating the nut according to the soil sowing conditions. The pressure is generally required to be equivalent to the pressure of the human foot on the ground.When the ground rises and falls, the opener also rises and falls, so that the depth of the seed relative to the ground surface is not affected by the unevenness of the ground. The advantage is that when the opener moves up and down, all parts of the entire seeding unit move up and down in parallel, without relative movement or rotation, and without changing the soil entry angle of the opener.6. Display of other product partsThe gantry suspension is made of alloy, and the transmission shaft is made of titanium alloy gears, which is strong and durable. This planter adopts corrugated pipe, which has good flexibility and bendability, and reliable discharge, which can solve the problem of swinging disconnection due to the frequent rise and fall of the opener during work.Xuzhou Chens-lift Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is located in Xuzhou city, China. This is the "Machinery Capital of China". There are world-renowned companies such as XCMG and Caterpillar. It is also the geometric center of agricultural land cultivation in China. ; Close to the port, lianyungang ,qingdao ,shanghai port,low inland freight. We are "National AAA Credit Enterprise" and have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification. Specializing in the production of agricultural machinery: threshers, harvesters, seeders, rotary tillers, laser graders, stone pickers, fertilizer spreaders, sprayers, peanut pickers, reapers. In addition, relying on our experience in the field of agricultural machinery research and development, production and procurement, we can choose cost-effective machinery for customers and avoid fraudulent companies. Tractors, cranes, water pumps, sprinkler irrigation equipment, crushers, and food processing machinery are also us. The export trade machinery is exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. It has cooperated with the Ministry of Commerce for many times and participated in foreign aid projects, which have been widely praised. Make agriculture more professional. 1. What is your terms of payment? T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance. 2. What is your terms of delivery? EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF.Which delivery terms are depending on your choice. 3. How about your delivery time? Generally, it will take 30 working days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items andthe quantity of your order. Most time we have some in stock. 4. Are you interested in dealership with local company? Of course, we are quite interested in this business. We'd like to cooperate with some local partner to sell more World machines inlocal market and supply better service. 5. What is your warranty? We have 1 year warranty for our machines. We will provide parts as free within warranty. Any time you can call or email us aboutthe machine problems. 6. Do you test all your goods before delivery? Yes, we have 100% test before delivery and we can email you the test video if you need. 7.Can you customize the machine for me? Yes, we can customize according to customer’s requirements.













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