Self-propelled rotary tiller

Dimension (mm)1670×960×890 Weight(kg)120 Rated power(kW)6.3 Rated speed(r/min)1800 Knife roll design(r/min)low speed 30、high speed 100 Maximum turning radius of knife roller(mm)180 Rotary tillage width(mm)900 Rotary tillage depth(mm)≥100 Productivity(hm2/h)≥0.10

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The 1BZ series hydraulic offset heavy harrow is connected to the tractor through a three-point suspension. It has strong farming ability for heavy soil, wasteland and weedy plots. It is mainly suitable for stubble removal before ploughing, breaking ground surface compaction, chopped straw and returning to the field, crushing soil after ploughing, leveling and maintaining moisture, etc. The heavy-duty disc harrow can also replace the plow for soil tillage operations on the cultivated ground. The material of the plough blade is 65Mn, and the hardness, wear resistance and elasticity after heat treatment are very good. During operation, the plow blade rotates to chop and plow the soil and weeds. It has the advantages of no grass, no blockage, no soil, no fear of masonry pieces, quick cutting of crop stalks and rhizomes, low working resistance, strong turning ability, etc., which is better than the split plow, so it is especially suitable for ploughing and rice and wheat stubble return to the field, as well as farmland operations with complex conditions such as overgrown weeds, stalks, high soil resistance, and bricks and stones in the soil. The ground turning and transportation are flexible, the work efficiency is high, the work quality is good, the adjustment is convenient, and it is reliable and durable.Advantages 1.This hydraulic offset heavy disc harrow is trailed for 70-180hp tractor. 2.Own hydraulic system to lift and down the transport wheel freely. 3 High quality of functional oil cylinder. 4.Widely working width of this heavy disc harrow  to be 1.8-5.3m

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